Past Prime Ministers

Pelham Henry 1743–54 Whig
Name: Pelham Henry 1743–54 Whig

Born: 25 September 1694 in Laughton, Sussex

First entered Parliament: 28 February 1717

Age he became PM: 48 years, 336 days

Maiden Speech: His first recorded speech in the House of Commons was on 6 May 1720 on the establishment of insurance companies

Total time as PM: 10 years, 191 days

Died: 6 March 1754 in Arlington St, London

Nicknames: ‘King Henry the Ninth’

Education: Westminster School and Hart Hall, Oxford

Family: Henry Pelham was the third son and ninth of 11 children. He was married to Lady Catherine Manners and had two sons and six daughters

Parliamentary Diary.