Labour must come to its senses - Blair
Tony Blair tells Labour party members to come to their senses and reject the "Alice in Wonderland" politics of Jeremy Corbyn.

Free EU movement 'for those with jobs'
EU free movement should mean the "freedom to move to a job" - not to look for work or benefits - Home Secretary Theresa May says.

Burnham proposes low pay penalties
Firms could face penalties including higher national insurance payments if they failed to pay a proposed new higher living wage of £11 per hour, Andy Burnham says.

Union in 'mortal danger', says Brown
Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown says the next 12 months could determine the long-term fate of the union between England and Scotland.

Plans for Scottish budget delayed
Details of Scottish public spending plans for next year are to be delayed by several months.

Europe 'to tighten train security'
European ministers agree to increase ID and baggage controls among other restrictions at railway stations, France's interior minister announces.

Limit Chilcot legal advice cash - MP
The government should limit the amount of money spent on legal advice for politicians, officials and military figures as part of the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war, a Tory MP says.

Former Tory rebel Teresa Gorman dies
Teresa Gorman, a leading Conservative rebel over the Maastricht Treaty in the 1990s, dies aged 83.

Smaller Lords call amid 'cronyism' row
Conservative peer Lord Norton and crossbench peer Lady Deech call for the House of Lords to be made smaller and more efficient.

Funding call over veterans' care costs
Ministers must provide more funding to protect injured war veterans from spending their compensation on care costs, local authority leaders say.

Badger cull extended into Dorset
The badger cull is to be extended into Dorset following pilots in Gloucestershire and Somerset, the government announces.

UUP to withdraw from NI Executive
The Ulster Unionist Party has confirmed that it will leave the Northern Ireland Executive.

A tour of the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.

Dugdale wants to end 'control freakery'
Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale calls for an end to "control freakery" at party conferences and an open debate with members.

BBC Democracy Live takes you on a tour of the Scottish Parliament.

Election 'danger' for Welsh voters
There is a "danger" for Welsh people who depend on a Labour government if the party turns its back on winning the next election, a leadership candidate says.

A guide to the National Assembly for Wales.

Budget: The East Midlands reacts
Who are the Budget winners and losers in the East Midlands?

Pre-election Budget with added catapult
A pre-election Budget, but will the catapult energise the Midlands?

Political editors across England
Political analysis from around England

Links to UK political websites
Links to political parties and other useful websites covering UK politics.

Who's who: Cameron's cabinet
Here's a full list of who is doing what job in David Cameron's new cabinet

Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet
The details of Labour leader Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet following the recent reshuffle.

European Parliaments online
Links to other Parliamentary broadcasters

VIDEO: UUP to withdraw from NI Executive
The Ulster Unionist Party's ruling body has voted unanimously in favour of withdrawing from government.

VIDEO: 'Labour needs to be courageous'
In the latest BBC News profile of the Labour leadership candidates, Vicky Young went to meet Andy Burnham.

VIDEO: EU immigration rules - in 90 seconds
Thousands of migrants are trying to reach Europe to escape war zones in the Middle East and poverty and turmoil in Africa.

VIDEO: 'Lords should be mainly elected'
The BBC's Gavin Esler spoke to one MP elevated to the House of Lords, Sir Menzies Campbell, and asked whether the entire system needs reform.

VIDEO: Immigration pledges from the past
The Victoria Derbyshire programme takes a brief look at how politicians have dealt with the issue of migration over the last ten years.

VIDEO: Farage blames EU for migrant increase
UKIP leader Nigel Farage blames Bulgaria and Romania for an increase in net migration to the UK.

Should politicians have the right to delete their own tweets ... forever?
Should politicians have the right to delete their own tweets ... for ever?

'Corbynmania' and the mayoral race
How will Labour influx affect London mayoral race?

Burnham on splits, welfare and Corbyn
The Labour hopeful on splits, Corbyn and that welfare row

Can Iran and the UK really bury the hatchet?
Can Iran and the UK really bury the hatchet?

The era of 'ladies only' train compartments
How UK had women-only train compartments but ditched them

Can authentic politicians deliver?
Can straight-talking politicians deliver, asks Owen Bennett-Jones

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