Cameron and Clegg to hold terror talks
David Cameron and Nick Clegg are to hold talks to try to reach agreement on new measures to tackle the threat posed by Islamist extremists.

Lib Dems pledge paternity leave rise
The Liberal Democrats are to pledge giving fathers an extra four weeks' paternity leave in their manifesto for the general election.

George Galloway leaves hospital
George Galloway leaves hospital after being treated for injuries he suffered in an attack that his spokesman believes was prompted by the MP's views on Israel.

Former Conservative minister dies
Former Conservative minister Sir David Mitchell has died aged 86 following a long illness, his family says.

Egged MP suspends campaign tour
Labour MP Jim Murphy suspends his Scotland-wide tour ahead of the independence referendum, citing "co-ordinated abuse" from "Yes" voters.

UK's terror threat level raised
The UK's terror threat level is raised from "substantial" to "severe" in response to conflicts in Iraq and Syria, the government announces.

More defectors to UKIP 'odds on'
Further Conservative MPs are "more likely than not" to defect to UKIP, says the party's treasurer Stuart Wheeler.

Referendum votes 'for sale' on eBay
Police launch investigation after a number of people apparently attempt to sell their votes in the referendum online.

Files reveal Thatcher NI concerns
Previously confidential files reveal concerns over Margaret Thatcher's commitment to the Anglo Irish Agreement, two weeks before it was signed.

Plain packs 'no illegal smoking link'
A study of smokers in Australia suggests there is "no evidence" that the introduction of standardised cigarette packaging has changed the way people buy cigarettes.

PM: More Holyrood powers 'soon'
The Scottish Parliament would get further powers "soon" if there is a "No" vote to independence, David Cameron has said.

Ex-children's head 'must quit'
A former children's services director in Rotherham must resign "immediately" from her education job in Australia, an abuse survivors' advocate says.

UK net migration up by more than 38%
Net migration into the UK increased by more than 38% to 243,000 in 2013-14, government statisticians say.

Health cuts could be 'catastrophic'
Potential cuts to the health service outlined in a paper seen by the BBC could be "catastrophic" to patient care, a Northern Ireland GP says.

A tour of the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.

Campaigns focus on jobs and families
Alex Salmond talks of a "jobs gap" in Better Together's campaign while those backing the Union say independence would "cost families dear".

BBC Democracy Live takes you on a tour of the Scottish Parliament.

400 join Nato protest march in city
About 400 people are taking part in a protest march in Newport ahead of the Nato summit being held in city.

A guide to the National Assembly for Wales.

Jarrow Crusade revived for NHS
NHS campaigners are marching the 280 miles from Jarrow to London

Can Boris-style mayors boost north?
There are calls for the government to look again at the prospect of introducing directly elected mayors to more English cities.

Political editors across England
Political analysis from around England

VIDEO: Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill - second reading
MPs approve the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill at second reading.

Q&A: Beginner's guide to PM's speech
David Cameron delivers his long-awaited speech on the UK's relations with the EU. Here's an at-a-glance guide.

Links to UK political websites
Links to political parties and other useful websites covering UK politics.

Who's who: Cameron's cabinet
Here's a full list of who is doing what job in David Cameron's new cabinet

Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet
The details of Labour leader Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet following the recent reshuffle.

European Parliaments online
Links to other Parliamentary broadcasters

VIDEO: Douglas Carswell announcement in full
Watch the full statement as Tory MP Douglas Carswell defects to the UK Independence Party. He will stand down as MP for Clacton to seek re-election in a by-election.

VIDEO: Cameron in Scotland ahead of poll
With postal voting under way in the Scottish independence referendum, the debate ahead of the ballot on 18 September is intensifying.

VIDEO: Independence battle in Labour areas
From the beginning Scottish Independence campaigners have been active in traditional Labour communities trying to persuade people that an independent Scotland would better represent real Labour values, but have they succeeded?

AUDIO: Rotherham abuse 'not ethnicity issue'
A project manager of a human rights organisation said sexual grooming "exists in all communities, not specifically the Pakistani community".

AUDIO: 'No-one came to see me about abuse'
Rotherham's former Labour MP, Denis MacShane, has told the BBC that "no constituent, no child, no family came to see me" in relation to the sexual exploitation of children in Rotherham.

AUDIO: Councillor 'not aware' of child abuse
The deputy leader of Rotherham Council has said he was "not aware of the depth and breath of child exploitation" in the town.

VIDEO: Scotland Decides: Referendum Today
Sarah Smith presents Scotland Decides: Referendum Today, a programme looking at the issues around the Scottish Independence Referendum.

VIDEO: Clegg dons traditional dress in India
Nick Clegg wore traditional India clothing while on a visit to a Sikh temple and community kitchen in Delhi.

Who's next? Tory MPs linked to UKIP
The Tory MPs being tipped to follow Carswell to UKIP

Eurozone anxiety overshadows EU summit
Why deciding top jobs is not key to EU summit

Will Clacton's voters opt for UKIP?
Will the seaside seat's greyer voters win UKIP its first MP?

What Commons Clerk row is all about
What is the row over a new House of Commons Clerk all about?

Stormont's budget row explained
Stormont's budget row explained

Shaking off the 'kilted straitjacket'
How Scottish national identity shook off its 'kilted straitjacket'

Will the EU get a dream team?
EU boss seeking women for top jobs in Brussels

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